The 6 Very Best Comedy Clubs in London

Best Comedy Clubs in London
The Best London Comedy Clubs
London Comedy Clubs

Are you looking for comedy clubs in London? The Bumper Crew has it covered! We love comedy clubs and have been seeking them out since we first visited London as tourists. Now we live in the Big Smoke, we’ve set about finding the best comedy clubs in London, and below are our picks of the best.

We all know London is an expensive city. But to get a laugh in the Big Smoke is surprisingly cheap. You can get tickets to comedy shows in the capital for just a pound or two.

The Best Comedy Clubs in London

Everyone is going crazy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it’s going to take everyone’s jobs, so we asked it to tell us a joke, and this is what it came up with:

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We think the comedians on the London comedy club circuit are safe for a while yet! So, read on to discover the best comedy clubs in London and where you can get a proper laugh, minus the AI!

1 | The Boat Show Comedy Club, Embankment

This is the single best comedy show in London we’ve ever seen. From the compere to each act, there were laughs from start to finish. It’s a relatively intimate venue, too, which is great. We think it’s the best comedy club experience you’ll get in London, and here’s why.

The Boat Show comedy show is, believe it or not, also set on a boat! The show is on Tattershall Castle, which is in an incredible location. It’s on Embankment, near the Houses of Parliament and right opposite The London Eye. So, before you head down to the comedy show, you can enjoy a drink with a fantastic view. You can stay for the after-party in the nightclub or on the upper, too, to finish your night.

What’s also funny is that you think you might be smashed on one drink, thinking you’re feeling dizzy, but then you realise it’s just the boat rocking. Ha!

📍 Tattershall Castle, Victoria Embankment, London, WC2R 2PH

💷 Tue £6 / Fri £15 / Sat £18


🕙 Tue, Fri & Sat – 8 pm

📞 07932 658895

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The Best London Comedy Clubs – The Boat Show, Tattershall Castle

2 | Big Belly Comedy Club, Vauxhall

Next up on our list of the best comedy clubs in London is the Big Belly Comedy Club in Vauxhall. We’ve been here a few times, and each time has been ace. For the typical shows, the acts have always been great. But there was once a twist. There was a panel of judges who were experienced comedians, and the acts were guys new to the comedy circuit. Some weren’t great, but the judges made up for them. It was a really enjoyable show, and the concept was something we’d never seen before. But if you’d like to avoid that style of show, called Ding Dong Gong Show, be sure to check out the events list.

The other thing which makes Big Belly Comedy Club one of the best in London is the price. It’s an absolute bargain. We managed to get tickets, with a free can of beer, for less than £6. Be warned, though – these types of shows sometimes end where you can leave a tip as you leave the show, where you pay what you think it was worth in cash or by the set amount on the card machine. And you can grab some food from the street food vendors in the venue. What’s not to love about this place?

📍 6 S Lambeth Pl, London, SW8 1SP

💷 Various


🕙 Every night, plus Saturday afternoons

📞 0203 576 3095

3 | The Top Secret Comedy Club, Covent Garden

This was the first comedy show we ever saw in London. Much like above, we got the show at a bargain price, which was almost too good to be true. It ended in the same way – pay what you think the show. Avoid this kind of show if you don’t want to spend more because it could get a bit awkward at the end as you try to sneak out! We’ve seen the bargain afternoon shows a few times, and the compere is still telling the same jokes year after year, but we’ll let him off, given the acts have always been great.

However, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see some great comedy here, and it’s the UK’s highest-rated comedy club on Google. It says so on their website, so it must be true! We’ve been to this London comedy club more often than we can remember, and we’ve seen some big-hitter comedians here, including Jack Whitehall, Rob Beckett, and Romesh Ranganathan. You won’t go wrong heading to this classic comedy club in one of London’s most popular destinations.

📍 170a Drury Ln, London, WC2B 5PD

💷 Various


🕙 Every night, plus afternoons on weekends

📞 07956 539784

4 | 2Northdown, King’s Cross

2Northdown is an intimate, no-frills comedy club that’s always been fantastic. We’ve been several times and have seen some of the best comedy sets here. The venue is small, informal and friendly. And if you want a bargain, 2Northdown occasionally do £2 Tuesday shows, introducing newcomers to the comedy circuit. It’s a chance to see some new comedy acts at a bargain price.

📍 2 Northdown St, London, N1 9BG

💷 Various


🕙 Most nights

📞 0203 371 7124

5 | Crack Comedy

Crack Comedy has a few locations – Kingston, Brixton, and Wimbledon. So, if you’re living out of the city in any of these areas (or nearby), you can still get some decent comedy without having to head into Central. Kingston is the original home of Crack Comedy and has been there since 2002, making it Kingston’s longest-running comedy night. These guys also run some London comedy courses if you fancy getting onto the circuit!

📍 Kingston, Brixton, Wimbledon

💷 Various


🕙 Various

📞 0208 549 9790

6 | The Grand, Clapham

Last but not least of the best comedy clubs in London is The Grand at Clapham. This isn’t a comedy club-only destination, but the comedy shows are good. They are also less frequent than the other places. Still, Clapham is a popular and vibrant part of the city that’s easily accessible, making it worth a trip to see some decent comedy in one of the best venues on this list!

📍 The Clapham Grand, 21-25, St John’s Hill, London, SW11 1TT

💷 Various


🕙 Various

📞 0207 223 6523


What’s the best comedy club in London?

The Boat Show Comedy Club gets our vote. It’s in one of the best locations in the city, right on the River Thames and has very well-selected comedians. It offers the best experience, from pre-show drinks to after-party after-party.

Comedy Clubs in London

  1. The Boat Show Comedy Club, Embankment
  2. Big Belly Comedy Club, Vauxhall
  3. The Top Secret Comedy Club, Covent Garden
  4. 2Northdown, King’s Cross
  5. Crack Comedy
  6. The Grand, Clapham
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