Phantom Peak London: The World’s 1st Immersive Open-World Adventure

Phantom Peak

-Phantom Peak Surrey Quays-

We booked Phantom Peak months ago on a whim before it had even opened, and until the day we arrived, we didn’t know much about the place. So, if you’re wondering what it’s all about, you’re in the right place!

In a rather unsuspecting location in Canada Water, you will find a steampunk world waiting to be explored named Phantom Peak! Let’s step into Phantom Peak – the fictional world created by a somewhat elusive character named Jonaco.

P.S – if you’d like to book tickets, use our affiliate link. We get a small commission if you book via the link (which we really appreciate!).

Phantom Peak Review

What’s It All About?

It’s unlike anything we have ever done before, and as we type this, we disagree on what the nearest thing to compare it could be. Stacey thinks it’s close to Cluedo, so let’s go with that. Think Cluedo without the murder. Ha! Let’s explain a bit more.

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Phantom Peak is the world’s first fully immersive open-world adventure – a 360-degree immersive experience featuring over 100 adventures and games you can explore at your own pace. Think escape room and theatre all wrapped up into one exciting, immersive experience.

And it’s all set in a 30,000-square-foot Venice-style Western-themed town in Canada Water, which is remarkable – it’s bright, colourful, fun and the attention to detail throughout is simply fantastic. Around Phantom Peak, you’ll find a lake, waterfall, canal and tons of themed locations, like the museum, doctors, lab, Old Town and post office, which are full of eccentric characters, all playing the part of their respective roles in the town.

Phantom Peak Review

The characters play an important role in Phantom Peak. You will interact with them a lot, and each one has their very own personality. Not only do they interact with you, but they also interact with one another, which was interesting to listen to because they always remain in character. You’ll hear the unmistakable “Hello” from Hogwood, and don’t forget your Ps & Qs with Copper; otherwise, she’ll put you in your place, as she did with me (Joel)! Ha!

Phantom Peak London

So, What Do You Have to Do?

The town has a series of mysteries to solve using a phone. Your own smartphone, to be precise. Your phone is the gateway to a web app named JonAssist, where you conduct trials to uncover the mysteries of the town and its inhabitants. At the end of each trial, you are given a card which you get to keep (like the ones below). There are lots of trials to complete, but we can’t tell you the total because that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

Tip: Don’t forget your power bank. If you’re there a while, you might run low on power (like me!)

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Is There Anything Else to Do?

Games & Merch

Phantom Peak isn’t just about the mysteries. You can do other stuff too, like play some games. They come at a cost (of just £1 or so) but are a lot of fun. We played a game where you had only 45 seconds to generate a score of 135 on a random wheel (think dartboard roulette, with lights!) with plus and minus numbers you could land on. It sounds easy. It was not! Anyway, if you win, you are awarded a rosette. If you win three rosettes from the different games, you become an honourary member of Phantom Peak (which someone did!).

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There’s some merch on offer, too. You can buy a variety of pin badges, knit platypus, tote bags, fans, cups, hats and umbrellas if you’d like to take a memento of your time away with you.

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Food & Drink

Phantom Peak isn’t just about the mysteries and the games; it’s a place where you can also chill out and enjoy the space and atmosphere. There are plenty of food and drink choices on offer, such as the lovely beer (of course), plus loads of vegan food options, including burritos, nachos, burgers and pies. We opted for a vegan burrito and nachos, which were delicious! For beer lovers, the bar at Phantom Peak has citrus, haze and lager beer all on offer, plus an alcohol-free option. You’ll also find some cider and cocktails, too!

Final Thoughts

We liked the length of time you are inside Phantom Peak. We stayed for around 3.5 hours. There’s tons of time (you get 5 hours!) to get around, meet the characters, complete the trails, take a boat ride, enjoy some food, sink a couple of beers or cocktails, play some games and even buy some merch! There was a little queue as we arrived that quickly disappeared. Don’t be afraid to arrive a little bit later – you’ll have plenty of time to get in and explore.

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We really liked how tech was incorporated into the experience, not only by using your phone but by the JONACO technology you’ll find throughout, such as the push-button videomatic machines you will use on the trails.

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We met Nick, one of the founders, on our way out, who was really interested to know how we felt about our experience. It’s always a good sign to see the boss is interested in how things went and how things are improved.

But here’s the bottom line – would we visit again? Absolutely, yes! The characters were fun, the set was impressive, and we’d return to finish off the trials we didn’t get around to completing. Phantom Peak reminded us a little of Blists Hill with its interactive nature and characters.

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Useful Information

Price: From £34

Opening Times: Wed-Fri 5pm-10pm & Sat-Sun 11-4 pm / 5-10 pm


Google Maps

Nearest Tube: Canada Water

Overground: Canada Water

Bus: Canada Street (stop U), buses 47, 188, 381, C10, N381, P12

Address: Phantom Peak London, Surrey Quays Rd, London, SE16 7PJ


How much is Phantom Peak?

Standard admission is £34, and children up to 3 years old are free.

How to get to Phantom Peak?

If you’re travelling by Tube or Overground, Canada Water is the nearest stop, just a few hundred metres away. The Jubilee line runs through Canada Water. If you’re arriving by bus, there is a bus stop right outside Phantom Peak for buses 47, 188, 381, C10, N381, and P12.

What should I wear to Phantom Peak?

You can wear anything that’s comfortable. You won’t be doing anything physically demanding or crawling around anywhere, so normal clothes are absolutely fine. You can even arrive in fancy dress if you’d prefer – it’s recommended!

How Do I Book Phantom Peak Tickets?

Click our affiliate link to buy your tickets. Don’t forget – we get a small commission if oyu buy your tickets via this link (but we really appreciate your support to keep us going!).

Phantom Peak

-Phantom Peak London-

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