SoleCup Review: The Best Reusable Cup on the Market?

SoleCup Review
SoleCup Review
SoleCup Review

As we all become more environmentally conscious, products that help reduce waste are becoming increasingly popular. One such product is SoleCup. This review will look at its features, benefits, and drawbacks and help you determine if it’s worth buying. You can buy SoleCup on Amazon*, where you can find a vast choice.

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SoleCup Review

What is the SoleCup?

In a nutshell, SoleCup is a long-life travel mug. But it’s more than that. It’s a multi-use, long-life, 100% recyclable, eco-conscious travel mug that was voted ‘Best for tea drinkers’ by the Independent. It’s almost the perfect all-rounder to meet your daily needs as a travel mug (or even your favourite mug at home!). We love our SoleCups so much that they became the Christmas present we sent to almost everyone! Ha! It also makes the perfect travel companion for your loose-leaf tea or ground coffee to make great hot drinks when you’re travelling – all you need is a bit of hot water.

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SoleCup Ethics

Behind SoleCup lies a UK family business with a series of strong ecological ethics, which we love. All their products are designed to move away from single-use products, like cups, straws and bottles, of which SoleCup is one part of their eco-conscious line-up.

Impressively, all of their products are recyclable or biodegradable and are produced ethically and cruelty-free. And from design to delivery, SoleCup has considered the environmental impact of its products, including plastic-free packaging and carbon-friendly shipping. Wonderful, right?

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SoleCup Pros

  • Multiple sizes
  • Multiple uses
  • Built to last
  • Eco-conscious
  • 100% recyclable
  • Free UK delivery

The best thing about SoleCup is the removable strainer. So, if you don’t want to put anything in the strainer, you can take it out and use the SoleCup as a travel mug with premade drinks or take it to your favourite coffee shop as a reusable mug.

We primarily use SoleCup for loose-leaf tea but use it occasionally for coffee. The strainer is fine enough to keep the coffee grounds in. After all, it was designed as a coffee cup first!

We buy our tea from a little place called Aroma in Shrewsbury. Our favourite is the almond loose leak block tea. It’s tasty and gives the perfect caffeinated slap in the face we need in the morning before having to face work 🤭 They are also a coffee roastery for the coffee lovers among you.

Anyway, back to the cup! They come in a couple of sizes, which is helpful. I (Joel) bought the bigger glass cup because the small one wasn’t quite big enough in the morning. Thankfully, SoleCup offers an accessories section to replace or buy the extra bits you need without having to buy an entire cup.

The design is pretty striking, too, with a few lovely colours on offer. Everyone in our household has one, and between us, we have red, black and ice cream.

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SoleCup Cons

  • It’s not leakproof

The only downside of the SoleCup we have found so far (and we use them every day!) is they aren’t leakproof. The lid pops up to drink from it. This isn’t a problem usually, but it means you can’t just throw it in your bag and forget about it when it’s empty, which I have done, obviously! Thankfully, the bag smells lovely from the almond tea. Ha! It’s a minor observation that hasn’t ruined our experience of the cup, and the pros hugely outweigh the cons.

SoleCup Discount Code

We have teamed up with SoleCup to provide you with a SoleCup discount code! Amazing, right? Thanks, SoleCup! The code will get you 15% off. You should note they don’t sponsor this review, nor is it an advert. As with all our content, it’s an honest opinion. We reached out to ask for a discount code for you lovely readers, and they delivered.

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How to Use the SoleCup Discount Code

  • Find your perfect cup at and add it to the cart.
  • In the cart, enter SoleCup discount code BUMPER15 in the coupon code field.
  • Voilà, you’ll see your 15% discount appear. And what’s even better is there’s free delivery!


SoleCup Discount Code


Is the SoleCup worth buying?

Yes, it is. We’ve had many travel mugs over the years, but this is our favourite. It’s robust, has multiple uses, and the ethics behind the company are all great reasons to buy if you’re in the market for a new reusable mug. Please read our full SoleCup review for the low down, including the pros and cons.

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SoleCup Review

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SoleCup Review

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