The 4 Best Vegan Restaurants in Watford

Watford vegan restaurants, vegan restaurants in Watford
Watford Vegan Restaurants – The Florist
Vegan Restaurants in Watford

The bottom line up front – there aren’t any exclusively vegan restaurants in Watford (we’ve done the research!), so this list of vegan restaurants in Watford also includes regular restaurants with a vegan menu. There used to be an exclusively vegan restaurant in Watford called Mood, but unfortunately, it closed down.

You might go vegan for several reasons, including your health, planet health and animal welfare. According to an article by The Guardian, it’s suggested that plant-based meat alternatives could lead to far more significant cuts in climate-heating emissions than other green investments. There is compelling and mounting evidence to suggest plant-based meat is ‘healthier and more sustainable than animal products’.

But you’re not here to discuss the pros and cons of being a vegan, are you? Read on to discover some vegan restaurants in Watford.

1 | Cassio Lounge

The Cassio Lounge is number one on our list because it has a great selection of vegan food. Although it’s not exclusively vegan, it caters to its vegan audience well. Their menu includes an extensive list of vegan foods, including choices of brunch, soup, sandwiches, mains, tapas, sides, puddings & cakes and even sides. The Cassio Lounge menu is good, and the restaurant itself is fabulous! If you’ve ever been to a Lounge restaurant, you’ll know what we’re talking about – vintage chic, tasteful decor.

You can also order through a QR code which makes the ordering process super simple!

We’ve always been fans of the Lounge brand and loved the one in Royal William Yard in Plymouth.

Great for those looking for a pleasant atmosphere and a good choice.

Cassio Lounge vegan menu.

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Vegan restaurants in Watford – Cassio Lounge

2 | The Florist

The Florist has a small selection of vegan food on their menu, but what is on there is tasty vegan food, including a delicious burger and good ‘meatballs’. But tasty vegan food isn’t the only reason The Florist made our list – it made it because the restaurant design is something you need to see. Everything is flower focused, including the smell as you walk up the stairs. You won’t be disappointed with the aesthetics, that’s for sure. It’s an Instagrammers paradise! And The Florist Watford has the best cauliflower you will ever eat, and it’s called Bang Bang Cauliflower.

Great for the Instagrammers.

The Florist vegan menu. Select ‘vegan’ to see the vegan menu.

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Vegan restaurants in Watford – The Florist

3 | Wagamamas

Wagamamas had to be on this list, right? Good food and simple processes are what make Wagamamas great. Famous for its Asian and Japanese cuisine, we’re sure you’ll find something on the Wagamama menu to satisfy your vegan needs if you like this cuisine. While you’re there, we recommend the No Duck Donburi! The beauty of Wagamamas is their no-fuss approach to dining. Once you’ve ordered food, the ball is in your court to pay when you like and leave if you choose to pay via the QR code.

Great for those looking for a quick bite to eat.

Wagamama vegan menu.

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Watford Vegan Restaurants – Wagamamas

4 | Bill’s

Bill’s doesn’t have the best vegan menu we’ve seen, but it serves tasty food. Above that, their restaurants are well designed. Bill’s Watford shares some similarities to Cassio Lounge but is slightly more industrial, atmospheric and worth a visit for the fabulous decor. However, Bill’s isn’t quite as relaxed as the Cassio Lounge, and the prices aren’t as reasonable, but it’s an alternative if you’re looking for somewhere fresh to eat.

Great for those who love atmospheric surroundings.

Bill’s vegan menu

20220727 Watford Vegan Restaurants 006
Watford Vegan Restaurants – Bill’s
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Vegan Restaurants in Watford

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