The Very Best Belgium Road Trip to 15 Destinations

The Very Best Belgium Road Trip
The Very Best Belgium Road Trip
A Belgium Road Trip

We went on the ultimate Belgium road trip in our trust camper, Bumper. Belgium is the perfect place for a camper van or motorhome road trip. Why? Because it’s small enough to get around in a short time and full of beautiful towns, cities and things to do and has a positive attitude towards camper vans and motorhomes with parking and services available all over the country.

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Belgium Road Trip – Bruges

If you haven’t read it already, check out our guide to the best places to visit in Belgium, which was also the basis of our road trip.

In this post, we’ve included all the towns and cities in Belgium that we visited, the locations for each overnight stop, and some other helpful information for driving on the continent, including how to get there!

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Belgium Road Trip – Leuven Town Hall

The Ultimate Belgium Road Trip

Belgium Road Trip Route and Itinerary

Below is the route we took for our Belgium road trip. It includes all the places we mention in our post about Belgium’s best places to visit. Check it out for more information, the top things to do, and pictures of each location.

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In chronological order, below are the locations we visited. To find out more about each place, click the name, and you’ll be taken to a bit more detail about it in our other post.

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Belgium Road Trip – Walzin Castle

How to Get to Belgium By Car

The best two options to get to Belgium by camper van or motorhome are Le Shuttle and the ferry. We chose the ferry because it’s cheaper. The trade-off is the time it takes. The train terminal is closer to London, and the train only takes an hour or so. So, if time is your concern, opt for the train. If money is your concern, opt for the ferry.

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Belgium Road Trip – Leuven

Dover to Dunkirk Ferry

The most popular route onto the continent by ferry is from Dover to Calais. We’ve taken this route before but decided Dover to Dunkirk was a better option this time. Although Dunkirk is slightly further away from Dover and therefore takes about 30 minutes longer than the Dover to Calais route, you make up some of that time by not having to drive as far once you’re in France.

Other benefits include the cost and what’s included in the ticket price. You will pay roughly the same fee for both routes, but with DFDS from Dover to Dunkirk, you get the bonus of a four-hour window on either side of your crossing time to catch an earlier or later ferry, all included in the price. And because the route is quieter, you will likely avoid the queues at Calais.

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Belgium Road Trip – Antwerp

How to Find Places to Stay in Belgium in a Camper Van

If you’re planning to visit Belgium by camper van, you’ll likely need places to stay. Thankfully, Belgium is very welcoming for motorhomes and camper vans, and Belgium is a cost-effective place to visit if you’re on a budget. We spent less than 25 Euros for overnight parking, electric hook-up and showers. We spent so little because many places were free, and we didn’t need power or a shower every day. Even if you need more resources than we did, Belgium is still a cheap place to visit in a camper van or motorhome.

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Belgium Road Trip – Ghent

Search for Sites

Most towns and cities in Belgium feature dedicated parking for camper vans and motorhomes, and parking at motorway services are available.

We recommend using the Search for Sites app to find places to stay in Belgium in a camper van or motorhome. There is a free trial where the search criteria and the number of searches you can conduct are limited. Thankfully, the Search for Sites app is cheap (£5.99 for the year) and makes it worth buying, even if it’s for just one trip. We used Search for Sites almost exclusively to find overnight stops on our Belgium road trip, and not once did we have a problem with access, services or being disturbed.

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A Belgium Road Trip – Bumper parked for the night

Below are all the places we stayed for each stop along our route. Some stops didn’t have any facilities, some had showers, water and electric hook-up and even a bar where you could get yourself a Belgian beer! Each one was peaceful at night, and there was always another camper van or motorhome at the same location. The most we paid for one night was 14 Euros, which included parking, water, electric hook-up and showers. We spent 23 Euros for overnight parking in Belgium because we didn’t need many resources each night, such as electric hook-up or water.

You will find machines like the ones below at some of the locations. They offer you the option to pay for parking, water, waste disposal, and to buy tokens for the electric hook-up. They are fantastic and straightforward to use.

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When is the Best Time to Road Trip Belgium?

Belgium is great for a road trip any time of the year, but we recommend a summer visit for milder weather. Belgium isn’t renowned for its climate, but it can get cold in the winter. However, there are some great Christmas markets, so a winter visit wouldn’t be such a bad idea if you like the colder weather and warm welcomes of Christmas markets.

What Are the Legal Requirements to Drive in Belgium?

  • You are required to place a ‘UK’ sticker (or magnet) on your vehicle. The old ‘GB’ stickers are no longer valid.
  • Drivers must be aged 18 or over and hold a full, valid driving licence to drive in Belgium legally. UK driving licences are valid in Belgium.
  • Reflective jackets must be worn if you’re involved in a breakdown or accident.
  • Warning triangles are compulsory in every vehicle with four or more wheels.
  • Headlamp beam deflectors to avoid dazzling on-coming vehicles.

For more information on driving in Belgium, consult the RAC website.

Belgium Road Trip:

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  2. Belgium Road Trip Route and Itinerary
  3. How to Get to Belgium By Car
    1. Dover to Dunkirk Ferry
  4. How to Find Places to Stay in Belgium in a Camper Van
    1. Search for Sites
A Belgium Road Trip

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