The 14 Very Best Things to Do in Shropshire, England

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Things to do in Shropshire
The Very Best Things to Do in Shropshire

Looking for Things to do in Shropshire? The Bumper Crew has it covered! There are too many awesome things to do in Shropshire, so we’ve tried to keep this list as concise as possible with the best things to do in the county. There are links within some of the parts of this post that expand on a place, like Shrewsbury, for example. So make sure you use the links to dig deeper for things to do in the highlighted areas if you choose to spend time in them. You will be surprised by what some of these Shropshire towns offer. We’ve also listed the best Shropshire towns to visit, so be sure to check that out.

But if you love the outdoors, history, or beer (or even all three, like us!), then Shropshire is the place for you!

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The Tudor Galleries in Shrewsbury

Shropshire is a county in the West Midlands region of England that borders Wales. Shropshire is a little off the beaten path, making it an excellent destination for a more peaceful experience. Despite Shropshire’s large size, it is sparsely populated, with fewer than 324,000 people spread over 3,487 km², leaving plenty of room for you to enjoy the picturesque countryside, rolling hills, historic towns, beautiful architecture, and incredible castles.

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Things to do in Shropshire – visit Blists Hill Victorian Village

Shropshire is widely considered the birthplace of industry and where the Industrial Revolution started and is home to the Ironbridge Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Shropshire isn’t home to a single city either, which contributes to its unique charm and character and that smaller population, of course! So, read on to discover the very best things to do in Shropshire!

Things to Do in Shropshire

1 | Visit Shrewsbury

Topping this list and our list of the best towns to visit in Shropshire is Shrewsbury. That’s because it’s incredible. It’s so awesome with so many things to do; we’ve even put a list together of the best things to do in Shrewsbury. There are tons of things in the town to occupy you for a while, including a castle, a boat tour, Ebenezer Scrooge’s grave and even a castle, plus a load of other things, so don’t forget to read the post.

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Things to do in Shropshire – visit Shrewsbury

But aside from things to do, the town itself is beautiful. It’s full of medieval architecture and trendy, independent retail that’s worth a wander, even if you do nothing else. Shrewsbury is somewhere you simply can’t miss when you’re visiting Shropshire.

Read the very best things to do in Shrewsbury.

2 | Explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Shropshire is home to Ironbridge Gorge – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. It’s the second best place to visit in Shropshire because it’s a special place. Shropshire is widely considered the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, and a large part of that industry grew in Ironbridge Gorge, hence why it has UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The highlight of Ironbridge Gorge’s industrial past is the Iron Bridge at Ironbridge – the world’s first iron bridge, which you can still walk over today.

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Things to do in Shropshire – Visit Ironbridge Gorge

There’s more to Ironbridge Gorge than an iron bridge, though. It’s full of things to do. You’ll be surprised about how much there is to do in the Gorge, so we’ve put a comprehensive post together of things to do in Ironbridge Gorge for everything you need to know to plan your visit.

Read the very best things to do in Ironbridge Gorge.

3 | Explore a Victorian Town

Aside from the world’s first iron bridge, Ironbridge Gorge is also home to one of Shropshire’s best attractions and one of the best open-air museums in the country – Blists Hill Victorian Town. I (Joel) would go as far as to say it’s one of my favourite attractions anywhere. Although it sits within Ironbridge Gorge, it deserves its own place on this list of things to do in Shropshire because it’s so good! I can’t remember the number of times I’ve been here. I cut my teeth in photography and videography here when we visited on various courses, and I’ve taken countless students while teaching at the Defence School of Photography.

Read the 5 reasons to visit Blists Hill Victorian Town.

Blists Hill Victorian Town 148 1
Things to do in Shropshire – visit Blists Hill Victorian Town

If you’re visiting Shropshire, you can’t miss a visit to Blists Hill Victorian Town. You can get lost in Victorian Britain’s sights, sounds and smells. You can even witness a blacksmith at work, a foundry creating cast-iron products and get a taste of traditional fish and chips cooked in beef dripping – an unmistakable smell and taste.

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4 | Visit Ludlow

Ludlow is another can’t-miss town in Shropshire full of things to do. It’s a small medieval market town in south Shropshire and is a hidden gem for those who appreciate England’s rich history and heritage, and if you’re in that part of the county, you must visit Ludlow. Surrounded by the picturesque River Teme, Ludlow boasts of its stunning castle, museums, charming churches, scenic walks, and an array of great independent retail. The town’s architectural beauty, including its famous Broad Street leading to BroadGate, is a sight to behold. Ludlow’s food scene is also renowned.

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Things to do in Shropshire – visit Ludlow

The town hosts the original and nationally acclaimed Ludlow Food Festival each summer in the town square. In the square, you’ll also find other regular markets worth a peek at. English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams famously stated, “Ludlow is the loveliest town in England,” and we must agree! Ludlow is worth visiting whether you’re a history buff, a foodie or love some olde-worlde architecture. Or a beer. Ludlow has a great brewery! Ha!

Read the very best things to do in Ludlow.

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5 | Visit a Sculpture Park

After moving to Shropshire, it took me almost two years to visit this sculpture park, and I can’t believe it took me so long to get there. It’s a gem in the Shropshire countryside that can’t be missed. It goes by the name of the British Ironwork Centre & Shropshire Sculpture Park, and it’s full of wonder. Inside is a treasure trove of stuff, from fancy homewares to neon-style signs. There’s even a coffee shop serving delicious lunches and coffee. And then you step outside into the Shropshire Sculpture Park.

Things to Do in Shropshire 003
Things to do in Shropshire – visit the British Ironwork Centre and Sculpture Park

Not only are there unique sculptures to look at that are works of art, but they also serve another purpose: raising awareness of animals on the brink of extinction. The British Ironwork Centre & Shropshire Sculpture Park is a bargain to get in. It’s only a few quid, and there’s free parking. There’s also an option to become a member, which is also a bargain. It means you can visit all year round for free and get a discount in the shop and cafe, so it’s totally worth it.

Things to Do in Shropshire 044
Things to do in Shropshire

And I love that the British Ironwork Centre & Shropshire Sculpture Park has plenty of iron inside – I feel it strongly connects to the industrial past of Shropshire and what the county is most famous for.

Read the Shropshire Sculpture Park.

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6 | See Whittington Castle

Whittington Castle is tucked away, just outside Oswestry, in a little place called Whittington, funnily enough! The town isn’t huge, nor are there many things to do. But there is one thing that’s a bit of a hidden Gem in Shropshire: Whittington Castle. Most of the castle is a ruin, but there’s an incredible view of what’s left of the moat and gatehouse. You can’t miss it – the main road passes right by it. There’s a car park right around the back, so park up and take the time to wander around. There’s also a great fish and chip shop around the corner if you’re a bit peckish!

Whittington Castle isn’t necessarily the 6th best thing to do in Shropshire. However, the sculpture park can’t be missed, and the castle is just a few miles away. And if you’re visiting Oswestry from our best Shropshire Towns to visit, you can tie it in with that too.

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Things to do in Shropshire – visit Whittington Castle

7 | Visit Bridgnorth

Bridgnorth is another charming Shropshire town located along the River Severn, just a few miles downriver from Ironbridge in the Severn Valley. It boasts a rich history and plenty of attractions to entertain you for a few hours. One of Bridgnorth’s most unique features is its castle ruins, which lean at a 17-degree angle – three times more than the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, which is one of Bridgnorth’s small claims to fame. Interestingly, Bridgnorth is also where the world’s first fare-paying passenger locomotive was built. There is still a link to Bridgnorth’s railway heritage with a superb railway station, a heritage railway and a railway pub!

Things to Do in Shropshire 015
Things to do in Shropshire – visit Bridgnorth

Bridgnorth is split into two parts – High Town and Low Town – with most of the interesting sights in High Town. At the bottom of High Town, see if you can find the face in the rocks at Lavington’s Hole, and ride the funicular railway back to the top. There’s also a delightful ice cream shop serving from a tiny caravan. They also serve great coffee! I even managed to get a feature in the paper for a face I found in Lavington’s Hole! Ha! Please read the post about Bridgnorth to see the picture, and then try to find it yourself.

Read the very best things to do in Bridgnorth.

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Things to do in Shropshire

8 | Visit Much Wenlock

After you’ve visited Ironbridge Gorge, it’s worth crossing the river and heading up the other side of the Gorge to a little place called Much Wenlock. It’s a delightful little town that has a rather interesting history. Much Wenlock’s claim to fame is that the origin of the modern Olympic Games can be traced back to Much Wenlock.

Things to Do in Shropshire 012
Things to do in Shropshire – visit Much Wenlock

Rewind to 1850 when William Penny Brookes organised the first annual games in the village as an alternative to drinking and fighting, so the internet says, anyway. As the years passed, the games gained significance, and William went on to play a crucial role in establishing the modern Olympics. Sadly, he passed away in 1895, a year before the first international Olympic Games were held at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.

Beyond the Olympic Games, Much Wenlock is home to some more medieval architecture, English Heritage’s Wenlock Priory and Wenlock Edge, where you can enjoy a few walks.

9 | Do a Brewery Tour

Shrewsbury has loads of great pubs around the county, which indicates the Salopians might like a pint. They also have a few great breweries, including a notable one in the south of the county. Bishops Castle is home to the Three Tuns Brewery. According to Visit England, it’s the oldest brewery in the country and the home of real ale since it started brewing in 1642! There’s another named Joule’s in Maret Drayton, which run tours once a month. Joule’s doesn’t bottle beer, so you can only get it locally on draught, but our favourite is Ludlow Brewing Company in Ludlow.

Things to Do in Shropshire 020
Things to do in Shropshire – take a brewery tour

The brewery is housed in an old railway depot building, instantly making it cool. The tour is small but comprehensive, and you get a taste of their range of beers. And when you’re done, you can retire to the bar beneath, which is also popular among the locals, indicating it’s a great drinking hole.

10 | Walk The Long Mynd

In short, the Long Mynd is a truly magnificent place that offers a wealth of outdoor experiences and breathtaking landscapes, making it a must-visit place in Shropshire if you love the great outdoors. The Long Mynd is great for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those of you who appreciate a stunning landscape. It’s renowned for its walks, ponies, and epic night skies. In fact, the Long Mynd is listed on the Dark Skies Discovery website, making it a perfect place for stargazing.

Things to Do in Shropshire 037
Things to do in Shropshire – explore the Long Mynd

Whether a hiker, cyclist, or horse rider, you’ll find a wealth of footpaths and trails to explore. The Long Mynd is also home to a diverse array of wildlife, including red kites and buzzards, providing plenty of opportunities to get eyes on some wildlife, especially the ponies. In addition to the Long Mynd itself, Carding Mill Valley is worth visiting. There, you’ll find three circular walks, including one that leads to a waterfall. And, if you’re a National Trust member, you can park for free!

Things to Do in Shropshire 036
Things to do in Shropshire

11 | Find the Deer at Attingham Park

We have been National Trust pass holders for a few years now, and there are always a few places that stand out. Attingham Park is one of them. There’s a lot on offer, including lovely walks around the perimeter, a cafe, a fancy house, and a lovely walled garden. But the highlight of Attingham Park is the deer. They have their own herd of fallow deer.

Things to Do in Shropshire 031
Things to do in Shropshire – visit Attingham Park

You are almost guaranteed to catch sight of them in Deer Park. Once you’ve finished outside, you can step into the 18th-century Georgian mansion and get a glimpse into life in the 18th and 19th centuries and how the wealthy used to party back in the day!

Things to Do in Shropshire 030
Things to do in Shropshire

12 | Climb the Wrekin

Shropshire is relatively flat, but there are a few worthy hills outside the Shropshire Hills. One of which is the Wrekin. It’s like a pimple against the surrounding landscape, confirming it as one of the most recognisable landmarks in the county. The Wrekin measures 407 meters (1,335 feet) high, and although it’s not a long walk to the top from the car park, it’s steep! But once you’re at the top, you’re rewarded with epic views across Shropshire. The Wrekin has been a place of religious and cultural significance for thousands of years. According to legend, the hill was created by a giant throwing dirt and rocks into the sky, creating a pile that became the Wrekin.

Things to Do in Shropshire 035
Things to do in Shropshire – climb the Wrekin

13 | Walk the Stiperstones

The Stiperstones to Devil’s Chair walk was voted one of the best walks in the UK by viewers on the ITV 100 Favourite Walks TV show. There’s a circular loop that can be done from Stiperstones village, which is the one we did. Be warned; there are two steep hills – one to get up and one to get down! If you’d prefer a more leisurely walk, park at Devil’s Chair (you’ll find it on Google Maps) and walk from there. Head up to Cranberry Rock, Manstone Rock and along to Shepherd Rock. The views are lovely along the way, and you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the Shropshire countryside.

14 | Visit the RAF Museum Midlands

Sitting on the eastern edge of Shropshire is the RAF Museum Midlands, formerly the RAF Museum Cosford, which is last on our list of things to do in Shropshire. It’s another place I have spent many an hour taking pictures while on photography and video courses! If aviation is your thing, this is the place to visit in the county.

It’s free to enter, although you need to pay for parking, it’s still a bargain of a day out. The RAF Museum has over 70 historic aircraft, numerous engines, weapons, and other aviation stuff to look at, plus a few exhibitions like the National Cold War Exhibition, the World War I Exhibition, the World War II Exhibition, and the Modern RAF Exhibition.

Things to Do in Shropshire Map

Below is a map of the best things to do in Shropshire to help plan your route and itinerary around the county.


Is Shropshire worth visiting?

Absolutely, yes! Shropshire is a wonderful country with plenty of things to do to keep you occupied, whether you love to stroll around medieval towns or hike the great outdoors. Add Shropshire to your list of places to visit! It’s a bit under the tourist radar, so don’t let it be under yours!

What are the best things to do in Shropshire?

The best things to do in Shropshire include visiting Blists Hill Victorian Town, the Shropshire Sculpture Park and exploring the wonderful towns. Shropshire is home to loads of picturesque towns, including Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Much Wenlock, Bridgnorth, and Whitchurch, each with a unique charm and history, with beautiful architecture and plenty of things to see and do.

What is Shropshire’s best attraction?

Shropshire’s single best attraction is Blists Hill Victorian Town. It’s an open-air museum in Ironbridge Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that brings Victorian Britain to life by letting you experience the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of the Victorian era. It also celebrates the region’s heritage and its importance to the world we live in today.

What are some must-see attractions in Shropshire?

Shropshire’s top attractions include the historic market town of Shrewsbury, the Ironbridge Gorge UNESCO World Heritage Site, Blists Hill Victorian Town, the Shropshire Sculpture Park, Ludlow Castle, and the stunning countryside of the Shropshire Hills.

What are some outdoor activities to do in Shropshire?

Shropshire is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for hiking, cycling, fishing, and horse riding in the stunning countryside. The Ironbridge Gorge also offers canoeing and kayaking opportunities along the River Severn.

Things to do in Shropshire

  1. Visit Shrewsbury
  2. Explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  3. Explore a Victorian Town
  4. Visit Ludlow
  5. Visit a Sculpture Park
  6. See Whittington Castle
  7. Visit Bridgnorth
  8. Visit Much Wenlock
  9. Do a Brewery Tour
  10. Walk The Long Mynd
  11. Find the Deer at Attingham Park
  12. Climb the Wrekin
  13. Walk the Stiperstones
  14. Visit the RAF Museum
Things to Do in Shropshire, England

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